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10 June 2010 @ 11:32 pm
Good Timing  
Dad woke Joshua and I up this morning, because my alarm failed. We overslept by 40 minutes so we rushed to dress and were late to school, but because we were late we saw a beautiful tawny hawk perched on the school yard fence. So in that respect, our timing was perfect. We crept closer to it, but it caught our advance in its round, dark eye and soared off above the roof. We watched it go and disappear into the morning gray.
I left Joshua with a kiss goodbye and then I fled into commuter traffic, exiting on Barnes Road out of frustration. I barely made it to David Reidal's studio for a three hour painting session. He had me in a pose that was painful to hold for long periods of time. My foot, hip and hand kept going numb and then aching. At first he tried to superimpose my head on a previously unfinished painting of a torso, but the body types were just too different so he started fresh instead.
I stared down at the wooden floor, finding pictures in the grain - a girl with a tilted head, a Native American woman with a long black braid wrapped in a blanket, a camel, an alien and some unidentifiable goat being with tusks. I longed for a piece of scrap paper so I could jot the pictures down, make tiny reference sketches, but I was obliged not to move and endure leg cramps instead. I may pose for him for two further sessions in exchange for one of his drawings, because he's running out of money. Art isn't selling well in this economy, which is no surprise.
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