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17 December 2014 @ 05:20 pm
Rage Quit  
The Christmas tree has proven to be the season's biggest adventure. We were like the legendary mail carriers - through sleet, rain, snow - flooding and frustration - nothing would stop me from forcing Brian and Joshua to come with me to the soggy tree farm. It poured rain the entire time, and I snapped photos while Brian cursed at the tree, the weather and the wet saw. Not a soul was around as far as we could see, and even though we were there during the posted hours, the farm shop was locked and dark. I grabbed a saw out of the box, and we headed off into the trees. We made out choice and then squatted in the mud, but the saw was a sorry piece of rusted metal, and it kept getting stuck in the bark. Brian cussed up a storm worse than the one overhead. A man finally rode out with a chainsaw and cut it down for us lickety-split. He threw it on the back of his trailer and drove it up to the car. While Brian put the tree in the trunk of the car and tied it down, Joshua and I went up to the store to pay for it.
Last Christmas the three of us came to this same farm on a lonely, cold day - the sole customers, and here we were doing it again. The middle-aged farmer looked at me and said, "You've been here before." I think he remembered us from a year ago. The evergreen needed to dry in the carport overnight lest we develop a puddle on the living room floor.
It wasn't until the following day that I dug the old metal tree stand out of the shed. I spent some time outside trying to not only get it on straight but to screw it tightly enough to hold the tree steady. It failed, but I figured it was the angle and lack of proper lighting that was the trouble so I shoved it through the back door and into the living room, laying it behind the couch near the lamp so I could see what I was doing. I got it on, and all seemed well until I tried to move it into place near the window. Needles already covered the floor and then WHOMP! down it went.
Brain's helpful comment of "I think the stand is broken" got a resentful retort by me dripping with full attitude. "It's NOT broken!"
I felt stubborn and determined and wasn't about to give up.
Joshua watched as I screwed and unscrewed bolts and metal legs fell off and refused to stay in the right place. He asked, "Are you going to rage quit?"
I said no and kept trying. After another 15 minutes of failure, I tossed the pieces of the stand away from me, flung my hands in the air and yelled in total frustration, "That's it! I'm done! I give up!"
Then I stomped away, scowling and felt angry enough to beat people with one of the broken metal legs until Brian made me pause and submit to hugs. I finally melted against him and let the venom go.
The three of us ended up at the Fred Meyer's buying a new-fangled plastic tree stand. After that it was simple, and the tree stood without falling over. Joshua and I began decorating, and after that, all was well and peace once again reigned over the house.
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